13-14 SEPTEMBER 2018 Irkutsk

The best technology


Government of Irkutsk region

Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Irkutsk Region

Organizing Committee BEVF

Ministry of Housing Policy, Energy and Transport of the Irkutsk Region

Goals and objectives of the competition - Determining the best technologies and equipment for wastewater treatment as well as determining scientific developments. The possibility of using the technologies and equipment proposed by participants during the design and construction process of facilities in the Baikal natural area in compliance with the requirements of a Federal Act on “Preservation of Lake Baikal” and the Water Code of the Russian Federation.

Nominations of the competition:

The Best Technology for Lake Baikal

The Best Project for Lake Baikal

The best equipment for Lake Baikal

The best scientific development for Lake Baikal

Stages of the Competition:

  1. 12 June-12 August: registration for the Competition and the reception of works
  2. 13-30 August: summing-up the results of the Competition
  3. Up to 31 August: publication of the preliminary list of the winners of the Competition on the website

The results of the Competition will be announced at the Forum.

Contest rules (download)

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