19-20 SEPTEMBER 2019 Irkutsk

Thematic sections

  • «Water-Health-Quality of life»: correlation between ecological quality of the aquatic environment and public health;
  • Assembly of the Association of Commonwealth of the Lake Regions on environmental safety, innovative technologies, science, art and education: international experience. Legislative practices. International development programs;
  • Introduction of the best innovative technologies for wastewater treatment, waste management and recycling – tactical tasks of Baikal conservation;
  • Health and medical tourism in Baikal: potential and prospects for development;
  • Eco-tourism on Baikal is to be! Best practices;
  • PPP is synergy of economic success of Baikal natural territory;
  • From ecological education and education of young people to ecological culture of the population;
  • Environmentally safe small and medium-sized businesses on the Baikal natural territory: new projects-new jobs;
  • The impact of anthropogenic factors on transboundary atmospheric processes in the formation of the water balance and ecological condition of the Baikal natural territory. International research experience;
  • International conference "Freshwater ecosystems-accurate issues" (dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Limnological Institute SB RAS);
  • The role of the mass media in shaping the environmental outlook.

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