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20-21 SEPTEMBER 2018 Irkutsk

Irkutsk region entered the first ten regions of the country by the number of foreign tourists

Date of publication: 18.07.2017г.

The magazine "Rest in Russia" in conjunction with the Center for Information Communications "Rating" within the framework of the annual survey conducted an assessment and ranking of Russian regions from the 1st to the 85th place in terms of the number of incoming foreign tourists. The main criterion for evaluation was the stay of foreigners in hotels.

The first ten leading regions included the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Territory, Moscow Region, Primorsky Krai, the Republic of Tatarstan and Crimea, as well as the Vladimir and Sverdlovsk regions. Irkutsk region took the sixth place in the rating. This is due to the presence of Lake Baikal on the territory of the region, which is well known to foreign tourists, and also due to the increased tourist flow from China over the past few years. - A high place in this rating is a good indicator.

After all, it is the tourists who stay at hotels that positively influence the development of the industry. Foreign tourists who prefer civilized rest pay for accommodation, visit restaurants, buy souvenirs, - said the head of the tourism agency of the Irkutsk region Ekaterina Slivina.

Specialists of the regional tourism agency conducted a comparative analysis of the workload of hotels and tourist centers in the territory of the Angara region in June 2016 and 2017. As a result, an insignificant increase in the average monthly load - 44.17% this year against 43% in the past.

Also, the department notes that there has been a tendency for the distribution of tourist traffic in the whole region. "Earlier, the Olkhon region was the leader, and most of the guests went to the Small Sea or to the island of Olkhon. In June 2017 there was a slight decrease in the tourist flow compared to the same period last year. But the growth is in the city of Irkutsk, Irkutsk and Slyudyansky districts. Territories tried to attract visitors with interesting events and flexible pricing policy - and they did it, - says Ekaterina Slivina.

Also the head of the agency noted that the largest tourist activity starts from the middle of July to the middle of August, and the final results of the tourist season will be summed up in November on the basis of Irkstat data. According to a survey conducted by the agency in July-August, owners of hotels and tourist centers in the region, including in the Olkhon region, predict an increase in the flow of visitors and a higher load.

Source: http://baikal24.ru

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