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20-21 SEPTEMBER 2018 Irkutsk

On Lake Baikal was a school of the young inspector of nature protection

Date of publication: 18.07.2017г.

"School of the young inspector of nature protection" - under this name was the third stage of the International Youth Ecological Expedition "Planet Baikal", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian reserve system. The place for the School of the young inspector was chosen Zmeevaya Bay on the territory of the Transbaikalian National Park.

From July 5 to July 13, guys from Mongolia, Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude comprehended all the wisdom of the work of the state inspector. From the first days of the expedition the children were divided into four operational groups with sonorous names "Cormorant", "Omul", "Children of Baikal" and "Chivyrkuyskaya Tale". As it turned out, in order to become a real state inspector, you need to know a lot: to determine plants; To recognize the tracks of animals and birds; "Read" a person's track, determining his height, weight and nature of walking; To recognize a high and low fire; Be able to localize the fire; To provide first aid to the injured, to be able to navigate through maps, etc. All this, as well as much more, was told and shown to the young inspectors by the staff of the FGBU "Zapovednoe Podlemorye".

Each day of the expedition was devoted to a certain topic, and following the results of the training, the task forces had to perform the most difficult tasks, showing all the accumulated knowledge and skills. But not only in theory, the expedition members got acquainted with the activities of specially protected natural areas. The guys helped to mark the ecological path "To the Bay of the Serpent" marking the right way with special identification marks at a distance of 100 meters. They carried out an ecological landing in the area of ​​"Crosses", removing the coastline from domestic garbage.

For the participants of the expedition the staff of the FGBU "Zapovednoe Podlemorye" organized excursions to the thermal springs of the Zmeevaya bay, the press service of the institution reports.

Source: https://www.baikal-daily.ru

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