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20-21 SEPTEMBER 2018 Irkutsk


Date of publication: 06.02.2018г.

The meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for the protection of Lake Baikal under the guidance of Russia's Natural Resources Minister Sergey Donskoy took place in Irkutsk on 2 February. The Commission met to discuss the results of the implementation of Russian President Vladimir Putin orders on issues of environmental development of the Baikal natural territory.

Ministers of natural resources of three regions — Andrey Kryuchkov (Irkutsk region), Yuri Safiyanov (Republic of Buryatia) and Alexander Volkov (Zabaykalsky region) made reports on the results of the Year of Ecology measures on the Baikal natural territory. In Buryatia, for example, nearly five hundred of measures were carried out, including the conclusion of agreements with industrial enterprises that worth 600 million ruble. A major achievement was the construction of five solid waste landfills. Additional agreements, valued at 2.4 billion ruble, were concluded as well. River Kitoy revetment building has been completed; boiler houses have been reconstructed; upgrade of wastewater treatment plants in Angarsk is being held.

The total amount of funds used in the Irkutsk region is 2.13 billion ruble. A project for the construction of a berth for the collection of sewage from ships cruising through Baikal has been worked out. The project is coordinated with the Russian river register, the estimated cost will be 372 million ruble. Now we are preparing an appeal to the Ministry of natural resources — said Andrey Kryuchkov.

Alexander Volkov, Minister of natural resources of the Transbaikal territory, who became famous among the participants of the meeting for his brevity and clarity of speech, also distinguished himself during his second report. He reminded that the region has about 30 percent of the Baikal catchment area, so in the Year of Ecology the regional authorities focused on restoring forests and protecting them from fires. Sergey Donskoy listened to all three reports and suggested to award those who "has put his heart into the program realization" during the Year of Ecology. Regional authorities have been instructed to prepare their lists of exceled persons.

Source : https://irkutsk.news/

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