19-20 SEPTEMBER 2019 Irkutsk

Kate Pride Brown, an American who wrote a book about Baikal, will take part in the second BIEWF

Date of publication: 21.06.2018г.

In March of 2018, the world met the book Saving the Sacred Sea (published by Oxford University press) dedicated to Baikal. The author of the book is an American sociologist Kate Pride Brown, whose heart was conquered by Baikal since her childhood.

Saving the Sacred Sea a book that examines how different forms of social power (state, financial, and civil) work with and against each other to shape the future of Lake Baikal, and how these powers are intimately connected to global processes. It is based upon 10 months of ethnographic fieldwork in the Baikal region in 2012-2013. Kate Pride Brown volunteered as a participant observer in local and transnational social organizations: Baikal Environmental Wave, the Great Baikal Trail, the Tahoe-Baikal Institute and others. As an ethnographer, she attended conferences and expositions related to environmental issues in the Baikal Basin. Brown also conducted semi-structured interviews with representatives of a wide array of stakeholders associated with environmental protection at Lake Baikal, including Russian federal agencies and multinational corporate actors.

Kate Pride Brown has a long-standing interest in Russia, dating back to her childhood at the end of the Cold War. She grew up wanting to learn Russian and spend time in the country that had heard so much about. Brown has since traveled extensively through Russia, including conducting studies of environmental activism in Samara and Irkutsk.

Additional research by Kate Pride Brown has examined resource conservation politics and policy in the United States. Her work on water conservation policy can be found in the journals: Nature and Culture, Research in Political Sociology, Water Policy and The Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. Her research on energy conservation has appeared in journals, such as: Energy Research and Social Science, Environmental Politics, Environmental Sociology, and Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy.

Having decided to participate in the Second Baikal International Ecological Water Forum, Kate explained "Siberia is a wonderland of nature, and Baikal is its crown jewel. I am so pleased to participate in this important international gathering to discuss the many facets of water policy and practice, at Lake Baikal and around the world."

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