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20-21 SEPTEMBER 2018 Irkutsk


Date of publication: 09.02.2018г.

Ministry of natural resources is now specifying the boundaries and needs of inhabits

The Ministry of natural resources proposes to reduce the water protection zone of Lake Baikal by almost 10 times. The relevant document was submitted to the government. The need for adjustment is associated with the needs of 129 thousand inhabitants of 159 settlements. The document will allow to eliminate difficulties with traffic, placement of cemeteries and waste, they say in the Department. At the same time, part of the restrictions — on the privatization of land in particular — will still remain.

The Ministry of natural resources introduced a draft decree of Ministers Cabinet on the new boundaries of the Baikal water protection zone to the government. According to the document, it is proposed to reduce it by almost 10 times - from 57,2 thousand square kilometers to 5,9 thousand.

Let us recall that the head of the Ministry of natural resources Sergei Donskoi emphasized the need to adjust the water protection zone of Lake Baikal after the appeal of the inhabitants of the island Olkhon (part of the Baikal natural area) to Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2017. The islanders complained that they could not graze cattle, hunt and build roads, and drink water of poor quality. The head of state demanded to create conditions of "civilized life activity" for citizens. The Ministry of natural resources promised to clarify the boundaries of the water protection zone until the end of 2017 to "avoid unnecessary restrictions on economic activity." Since August 2017 the document had been on the confirmation with local authorities for almost six months. We note that the government of Buryatia initially reported that such change of the legislation is not enough as restrictions, which locals complained on, are connected with a number of other regulations.

The document, indeed, does not remove all restrictions and does not "entail a reduction in the protection regime "due to" strict "prohibitions on the implementation of certain activities within the boundaries of the Central environmental zone". However, it will allow to eliminate difficulties with traffic, placement of cemeteries and solid municipal waste, Sergei Donskoi considers. The government decree on the Central ecological zone of Baikal prohibits the construction of roads, if this requires the transfer of forest land to other categories, as well as the construction of buildings — they can be built only for the support of existing facilities and the development of environmental, residential and tourist-recreational zones.

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